Alejoh Candelo Interview by Tommy P

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Tommy P: Alejoh, I know you’ve been around this bitch, up in the mix for awhile. I remember seeing you years ago when I only knew you as “Colombia”. Just how long have you been skating and what got you started? 


Alejoh: Well, well, well my english muffing friend. I came to USA when I was 15 for christmas for the 1st time to visit my Dad and family. My brother’s friend Brian Mena (who used to skate with Marco Heitze back in the day) got a Rollerblading video “My Daily Routine” for Christmas and he showed it to me. I immediately was attracted by the stunts in this video and I wanted to learn how to do them. I went back to Colombia a few days after that and I grabbed this fitness skates that my step-dad bought me and started to roll around a tried to do stalls on curbs and rocks. I didn’t know any of the trick names but I remembered very well the position of your feet of a couple of tricks, Soul and Frontside. I also didn’t know that u have to use wax in order to grind curbs and shit like that. So I started stalling Soul and Frontside, Since I didn’t know the names of the tricks I named Soul “Tren” which means in english “Train” and Frontside “Tijera Abierta” which means ” Open Scissor”. After a while I stopped trying grinding because I couldn’t slide for shit. So I just started skating around with my friends racing each other jumping obstacles, slapping girl’s butts while we were mashing by them on our rollerblades. It was fun times. Then one day I was at the library looking for spiderman comics and I saw for the first time a Daily Bread magazine. Santiago Azpurua 180 San Dieguito on the cover. I bought it right away but I couldn’t read it because I didnt know any english besides Okay, Yes Please, Fuck you and Pussy. After I saw this magazine my life changed. I asked my mom who lived in spain at the time to send me some Rollerblades with small wheels in the middle. She couldn’t find them anywhere so when I went to Spain to visit her we found some aggressive blades that look like Roces majestic 12 they were called “Boomerangs” We also bought anti-rockers wheels and the whole safety gear. When I put those things on my feet and started rolling around it was the best thing ever. It was better than putting swiss cheese on my PJ Sandwiches. Then I went back to Colombia and found a huge Skatepark and more people to skate with. After I graduated from High School I moved to Spain to live with my mom and that’s when I started meeting good aggressive bladers such as Borja Fernandez and Jose Felix, Yusi, Robert, Tama and many more. I lived in spain for about a year and then I moved to California (Montclair) to live with my dad and go to college. I began skating with my Brother’s friend Brian Mena and he was surprise that I was so into rollerblading just from watching “My Daily Routine” several years back, so we started skating more often and I started meeting more bladers at skateparks and street spots. I meet Mike Salazar, Andrew Ha, Anthony Medrano, Big Daniel and Scott Lendiski. After school I’ll go to Scotty’s house and we go skate corona skatepark for hours then we get some Albertos and go home and that’s how meet Iain, Haffey, Carl, Jeff, Bcam and the rest of the gang….so it’s been like 15 years since I started  Rollerblading but 5 of those years were just me rolling around not knowing the whole industry.    


Top Acid - RSM SK8PARK

Top Acid - RSM SK8PARK

Tommy P: So now you’ve been around for this long, do you still feel as inspired to skate as you did towards the beginning? what motivates you?

Alejoh: I love rollerblading! I’m a adventurous person and rollerblading has been a healthy medium to go on wild adventures besides getting drunk and partying . I also find motivation in music and friends. Also when a hot babe walks by the spot we are skating it motivates me to impress her and have her right after I land my soul grind.


Back Royal to True Soul - Mission Viejo

Back Royal to True Soul - Mission Viejo

Tommy P: How well endowed are you?

Alejoh: 3 inches…..from the ground. JAJAJAJAJA!!!….but good thing my grandpa is black… I got blessed! 

Tommy P: Who do you skate with mainly, and who are your favourite people to session with? 


Alejoh: Now I skate mainly with the RK brotherhood: Iain, Colin, Winston, Tommy P and Demitri when he is available…He is a busy man!


AO Acid to topsoul - Laguna Beach

AO Acid to topsoul - Laguna Beach

Tommy P: What are your favourite obstacles and aparatus to skate?


Alejoh: I love the feel and sound of grinding ledges. I also enjoy sliding certain rails and jumping gaps.


Kind Grind-Laguna Niguel

Kind Grind-Laguna Niguel

Tommy P: Why have i never seen you in anything besides Remedyz? 

Alejoh: Because I like the story behind the make of the skate and how it became a skate company. Kato selling Remz out a Van taking showers on the beach and living in the Van driving around the states. What a passionate individual! His product will prevail forever and look at Remedyz now! Even Haffey rides his product. 🙂

Zero Spin Top Porn - Lake Forest

Zero Spin Top Porn - Lake Forest

Tommy P: How do you think your heritage, (being from Colombia) helps add to your character and personality? is that the reason you’re insane?

Alejoh: I was raised in a wild/fun/rich but poor environment….growing up riding horses, milking cows, killing chickens for lunch, stabbing pigs in the neck with a knife then stuff it with rice and eat it for new years eve and whistling at Spanish flies all day, Seeing people getting shot in the early AM while walking to the bakery to get the morning bread…it didn’t make me insane…It made me learn how this world and the people in it function. There is nothing insane about me otherwise I wouldn’t never made it to this great Country U.S.A where you find money on the streets and you get money even when you don’t have a job or even better where you can get money to go to College so you don’t have an excuse do be a dumb ass.


On the other hand, Getting a job as a cashier at WeinnerShnitzel Mon-Fri 8 to 5 might make you go insane! So insane that one day everything smells and tastes like mustard. (personal life experience) 


Royal on a Fatty ledge in Laguna Beach

Royal on a Fatty ledge in Laguna Beach

Tommy P:  What does RK mean to you? and where do you see it going from here? 

Alejoh: RK to me is a Brotherhood, Blading Hard and enjoying life! 

RK is gonna be sky high pretty soon!


Back Savana - Dana Point

Back Savana - Dana Point

Tommy P: Albertacos or Chronic tacos? 

Alejoh: Albertacos: Carne Asada with a Jamaica! ahhh Jamaica down my throat so refreshhhing! Chronic Tacos is way over priced…last time I was there I felt like they charged me for breathing inside the place. What a disaster for my pocket!


Tommy P: Do you have anything else you want to say that isn’t about your genetalia? 


Alejoh: All I got to say to people is to be passionate about what you like the most. Without passion you can’t be happy and everything is boring and plain like water. Be passionate about your life, your girlfriend her sister and their Mom too! be passionate about Rollerblading, Sex, the place where you live, your friends and family. I’m a very passionate person that’s why I get massive amounts of monstrous erections throughout my day and that’s because I’m happy! also remember…if you ain’t laughing..you ain’t living baby!


God bless my Grandmom and Mom.



7 Responses to “Alejoh Candelo Interview by Tommy P”

  1. 1 DaBeat Gran Canaria
    September 15, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Hey Alejoh! It’s nice hearing news of you besides some clips in all gallego’s flicks (altough u forgot to put my name in your interview, lol).

    Keep blading dude, regards from Las Palmas.

    • 2 letsblade
      September 16, 2009 at 3:29 am

      ahy Chacho quien eres Roberto o Kike? let me know! Thank’s for the love!

      • 3 DaBeat
        September 16, 2009 at 7:36 am

        jajaja, none of them. Soy David.

        Roberto es DJ ahora y Kike baila 😀

        Peace out!

      • 4 letsblade
        September 17, 2009 at 11:53 am

        ahy chacho! perdoname la vida por no nombrarte a ti! tu fuiste el que me diste la primera camisa de sofisma que todavia la tengo guardada en mi closet. Que buenas memorias me lleve de Canarias…add me on facebook we need to keep in touch!

  2. 5 Manuel
    September 18, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    that was a good read and man its been forever since the marco hintze days haha I dont know alejoh but I can say that you are def one of my favorite skaters. Very good article and keep skatin man

    • 6 letsblade
      September 19, 2009 at 4:17 am

      Thank you Manuel! Your comment motivates me! I’ll keep rolling until the wheels fall off …well.. then i’ll get more wheels n keep rolling 🙂

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