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Our dear friend Dustin Dill wrote a little article about US the “Rockillers” several months back for Myculture Magazine. They just posted a preview of the article on their website with some pics. Check it out.

BTW… Our plan was to make a video by this November but just like every other video that is coming out… never meets the due date. But just wanna let u guys know that Is on the works…



Shock Interviews Iain Mcleod

Check out Iain’s Interview on the Shock website:

BIg ass soul grind


Alejoh Candelo Interview by Tommy P

Alejoh Banner

Tommy P: Alejoh, I know you’ve been around this bitch, up in the mix for awhile. I remember seeing you years ago when I only knew you as “Colombia”. Just how long have you been skating and what got you started? 


Alejoh: Well, well, well my english muffing friend. I came to USA when I was 15 for christmas for the 1st time to visit my Dad and family. My brother’s friend Brian Mena (who used to skate with Marco Heitze back in the day) got a Rollerblading video “My Daily Routine” for Christmas and he showed it to me. I immediately was attracted by the stunts in this video and I wanted to learn how to do them. I went back to Colombia a few days after that and I grabbed this fitness skates that my step-dad bought me and started to roll around a tried to do stalls on curbs and rocks. I didn’t know any of the trick names but I remembered very well the position of your feet of a couple of tricks, Soul and Frontside. I also didn’t know that u have to use wax in order to grind curbs and shit like that. So I started stalling Soul and Frontside, Since I didn’t know the names of the tricks I named Soul “Tren” which means in english “Train” and Frontside “Tijera Abierta” which means ” Open Scissor”. After a while I stopped trying grinding because I couldn’t slide for shit. So I just started skating around with my friends racing each other jumping obstacles, slapping girl’s butts while we were mashing by them on our rollerblades. It was fun times. Then one day I was at the library looking for spiderman comics and I saw for the first time a Daily Bread magazine. Santiago Azpurua 180 San Dieguito on the cover. I bought it right away but I couldn’t read it because I didnt know any english besides Okay, Yes Please, Fuck you and Pussy. After I saw this magazine my life changed. I asked my mom who lived in spain at the time to send me some Rollerblades with small wheels in the middle. She couldn’t find them anywhere so when I went to Spain to visit her we found some aggressive blades that look like Roces majestic 12 they were called “Boomerangs” We also bought anti-rockers wheels and the whole safety gear. When I put those things on my feet and started rolling around it was the best thing ever. It was better than putting swiss cheese on my PJ Sandwiches. Then I went back to Colombia and found a huge Skatepark and more people to skate with. After I graduated from High School I moved to Spain to live with my mom and that’s when I started meeting good aggressive bladers such as Borja Fernandez and Jose Felix, Yusi, Robert, Tama and many more. I lived in spain for about a year and then I moved to California (Montclair) to live with my dad and go to college. I began skating with my Brother’s friend Brian Mena and he was surprise that I was so into rollerblading just from watching “My Daily Routine” several years back, so we started skating more often and I started meeting more bladers at skateparks and street spots. I meet Mike Salazar, Andrew Ha, Anthony Medrano, Big Daniel and Scott Lendiski. After school I’ll go to Scotty’s house and we go skate corona skatepark for hours then we get some Albertos and go home and that’s how meet Iain, Haffey, Carl, Jeff, Bcam and the rest of the gang….so it’s been like 15 years since I started  Rollerblading but 5 of those years were just me rolling around not knowing the whole industry.    


Top Acid - RSM SK8PARK

Top Acid - RSM SK8PARK

Tommy P: So now you’ve been around for this long, do you still feel as inspired to skate as you did towards the beginning? what motivates you?

Alejoh: I love rollerblading! I’m a adventurous person and rollerblading has been a healthy medium to go on wild adventures besides getting drunk and partying . I also find motivation in music and friends. Also when a hot babe walks by the spot we are skating it motivates me to impress her and have her right after I land my soul grind.


Back Royal to True Soul - Mission Viejo

Back Royal to True Soul - Mission Viejo

Tommy P: How well endowed are you?

Alejoh: 3 inches…..from the ground. JAJAJAJAJA!!!….but good thing my grandpa is black… I got blessed! 

Tommy P: Who do you skate with mainly, and who are your favourite people to session with? 


Alejoh: Now I skate mainly with the RK brotherhood: Iain, Colin, Winston, Tommy P and Demitri when he is available…He is a busy man!


AO Acid to topsoul - Laguna Beach

AO Acid to topsoul - Laguna Beach

Tommy P: What are your favourite obstacles and aparatus to skate?


Alejoh: I love the feel and sound of grinding ledges. I also enjoy sliding certain rails and jumping gaps.


Kind Grind-Laguna Niguel

Kind Grind-Laguna Niguel

Tommy P: Why have i never seen you in anything besides Remedyz? 

Alejoh: Because I like the story behind the make of the skate and how it became a skate company. Kato selling Remz out a Van taking showers on the beach and living in the Van driving around the states. What a passionate individual! His product will prevail forever and look at Remedyz now! Even Haffey rides his product. 🙂

Zero Spin Top Porn - Lake Forest

Zero Spin Top Porn - Lake Forest

Tommy P: How do you think your heritage, (being from Colombia) helps add to your character and personality? is that the reason you’re insane?

Alejoh: I was raised in a wild/fun/rich but poor environment….growing up riding horses, milking cows, killing chickens for lunch, stabbing pigs in the neck with a knife then stuff it with rice and eat it for new years eve and whistling at Spanish flies all day, Seeing people getting shot in the early AM while walking to the bakery to get the morning bread…it didn’t make me insane…It made me learn how this world and the people in it function. There is nothing insane about me otherwise I wouldn’t never made it to this great Country U.S.A where you find money on the streets and you get money even when you don’t have a job or even better where you can get money to go to College so you don’t have an excuse do be a dumb ass.


On the other hand, Getting a job as a cashier at WeinnerShnitzel Mon-Fri 8 to 5 might make you go insane! So insane that one day everything smells and tastes like mustard. (personal life experience) 


Royal on a Fatty ledge in Laguna Beach

Royal on a Fatty ledge in Laguna Beach

Tommy P:  What does RK mean to you? and where do you see it going from here? 

Alejoh: RK to me is a Brotherhood, Blading Hard and enjoying life! 

RK is gonna be sky high pretty soon!


Back Savana - Dana Point

Back Savana - Dana Point

Tommy P: Albertacos or Chronic tacos? 

Alejoh: Albertacos: Carne Asada with a Jamaica! ahhh Jamaica down my throat so refreshhhing! Chronic Tacos is way over priced…last time I was there I felt like they charged me for breathing inside the place. What a disaster for my pocket!


Tommy P: Do you have anything else you want to say that isn’t about your genetalia? 


Alejoh: All I got to say to people is to be passionate about what you like the most. Without passion you can’t be happy and everything is boring and plain like water. Be passionate about your life, your girlfriend her sister and their Mom too! be passionate about Rollerblading, Sex, the place where you live, your friends and family. I’m a very passionate person that’s why I get massive amounts of monstrous erections throughout my day and that’s because I’m happy! also remember…if you ain’t ain’t living baby!


God bless my Grandmom and Mom.





Alejoh: What have you been doing lately B cam?


Bcam: Whats up homies I actually been working at the world famous Hawleywood Barbershop in costa mesa CA.


Alejoh: So what is it like to be a barber?


Bcamp: Being a barber is probably the next coolest thing that I could do besides skating I see lots of professional skateboarders all the time coming and going out of the shop such as Jason Jessee, Duane peters and much more of the old school punk rock skate scene so I feel like I’m still involved with the scene as far as music and skating goes, and I get to drink on the job hahah.


B Cam Shaving Tommy P at the Inked Cage Tattoo Expo.

B Cam Shaving Tommy P at the Inked Cage Tattoo Expo.

Alejoh: How is love treating you these days?

B Cam: As far as love goes all I can say is that its a mother fucker! No I actually find love every night then the next morning I’m free again haha.


Alejoh: When was the last time you strapped the blades on your feet?


B Cam: I haven’t actually strapped them on and did some serious skating in along time, I enjoy cruisen around skateparks and doing the old man thing, I really don’t believe I can keep up with all these crazy kids that are pushing the sport everyday, I just cant keep up since I have a steady career in barbering now days.


B Cam KG Bitch!

B Cam KG Bitch!

Alejoh: Which is your own favorite section?


B Cam: I always enjoyed my section in Fruitbooter, just because everything I was going through at that time. Thats when i first hooked up with the notorious F.P. crew and raged hell and got on Franco Shade clothing, so that would have to be my favorite section I have done and hopefully not the last, wink wink haha.



Alejoh: People dont know this but you invented the RK hand sign. Tell us about how you came up with that hand sign?



B cam: Fuck, to tell you the truth it just looked like a penis through the legs and I was drunk with Iain Mcleod and Mike Leaf and thought it was funny as all hell so we used it as the sign, I’m gangsta like that G.


Alejoh: What’s the perfect girl for B cam?


B Cam: Wow never thought I would ever be asked this question, I guess it would have to be a gal who is about my age and has her shit together or is in the process of pursuing her life time goals and knows where she is going in life, what I don’t want is a broad that is a waist of talent and going no where in life, I don’t like broads that have no motivation it’s very unattractive to me.


Alejoh: What would you do if you see this girl chilling in your garage by your car?


Mamasita Rica,

Mamasita Rica, Sabrosa, Picante! "Coco"

B Cam: I would fuckin first ask her where in the hell did that car come from and why is in my garage, and then ask her why the fuck is she in that bathing suit, is there something going on that I don’t know about? Depending on her response I would then pursue to ask her if she would like to step in the house and have a cock tale or two while she waits for her ride in hopes of her getting to fucked up and not wanting to go haha lol, leave it to Alejoh to ask me this question.

Alejoh: What would you NOT do to this girl if you go party with her at the pool?

Mamasita, Rica, Salvage, Ardiente

Mamasita, Rica, Salvage, Ardiente

B Cam: Now this is a fuckin tuff question holmes, but I know the answer I wouldn’t take her to dinner and nor would I call her the next morning, that is after well you know…….  haha.


Alejoh: What’s you opinion about girls with tattoo’s? do you think they are attention whores or they are just bad bitches?



B Cam: That actually all depends on the gal’s attitude if she act’s like she is a snob and trying to pull cock with her tatt’s then she can fuck off, but she really cool and can drink me under the table then I might have her stick around for a little bit.


Alejoh: What’s your favorite beer?


B cam: Hoegarden esse!


Alejoh: What’s your favorite place to eat?


B cam: That would be a easy question also, this British pub in Santa Ana, CA by the name of the Old Ship, my homie Ray showed it to me and I fell in love I think it has something to do with the pirate cannon’s on the wall, but i don’t know.



Alejoh: B cam we had some good times together… I will never forget that 4:20 party we had at the San Clemente house. I dont even know how u packed 100+ people in that little house. Aright man give your shout outs and lets go get some pics of you blading.


B cam: Yeh I had more than 100 people there didn’t I, fuck I’m kind of a big deal aren’t I hah, naw that was good times with strippers and booze. I just know how to through a house party. My shout outs are to you Alejoh for wanting to interview this old punk rock blader and to the R.K. crew word ummm up will never die, my boys in F.P. crew meeeemooories hah, Matt Mick dawg at Intuition Skateshop for supporting me, Josh petty and his family for always putting me up, Tom Prendergast for being a dirty Brit and always believing in me and helping me out when I had no where to go and through my chick problems, Iain and Collin Mcleod for always letting me crash out at their crib, I know your family loves me haha and you guys were built to skate forever, Clayton Woodley for always being a little off, but trying anything I gave him you’ll make it holmes good luck,  Winstoned for getting me a new pair of skates since mine got jacked in south central, and also being the one of the best skaters, of course my family, Hawleywoods Barbershop and last but not least skate and destroy fuck what everyone says!!!!!! B CAM ooowwwwwwww





Winston’s Interview

Winston's Face


Alejoh: Tells us your name, Age and years of braking yourself and achieving tricks in the blading game.


Winston: Well, my name is Winston Baines Wardwell, I am 21, and I have been skating for around 11 years.


Alejoh: You are known for doing some real crazy stunts such as transferring rails and some of that revert switch up action. What makes u skate the way you do?


Winston: I like to see how far I can push myself, and I also like to see how bad I can fuck myself up without having to go to the hospital.


Alejoh: How many tattoo’s do you have? and what are the meanings of some of them?


Winston: I have 5 tattoos and they all have different meanings.  My tattoos explain my religion, the tortures of temptation, and my family


Alejoh: What hurts you the most?


Winston: I am not sure but whatever it is it isn’t rollerblading involved.


Sprain Ankle - Trying True Topsoul on the Beef Rail

Sprain Ankle - Trying True Topsoul on the Beef Rail

Alejoh: Have u ever crashed at at Skatepark with a skateboarder/Scooter person or BMX? if so… how did you handle the situation?

Winston: I ate shit at RSA on the 6 foot spine when I was like 12 years old.  I was laying on the other side of the spine and a biker launched over it to my body and I cried like a little bitch for a few minutes because I was young, but than he hooked it up with a mountain dew so I was stoked haha.


Alejoh: Do you think Bcamp should do a come back?


Winston: B-Cam is a mothafuckin homie.  I would love nothing more for him to skate again.  I actually hooked him up with some skates thanks to SDSF skateshop a few weeks ago.  He is now a barber in Costa Mesa and is the only person I let cut my hair. Hawleywood’s is the shit.


Alejoh: Where do you think you would be if you’d never found Rollerblading?


Winston: Without rollerblading, I would most likely be a millionaire by now.


Kind Grind - Beef rail in Mission Viejo CA

Kind Grind - Beef rail in Mission Viejo CA

Alejoh: Does Rollerblading ever gets you laid?

Winston: HAHAHA do you not realize how lame rollerblading is?!  Maybe a few times 😉


Alejoh: When you land a crazy maneuver on a rail or ledge… how much confidence  do you gain?


Winston: I do not really gain any confidence because I already know I can land anything that I put 100% into.


Switch SweatStance

Switch SweatStance

Alejoh:  How do u feel about RK?

Winston: Rock Killers is an amazing way to express how we feel our sport should evolve.  People need to keep shit raw!  Fuck the bullshit and fill your veins with adrenaline.  What could possibly be wrong with doing tricks that make you check your pants afterwards?  Think about it, thats all I ask.


Alejoh: Winston you are very passionate about Rollerblading and I think without passion you can’t Rollerblade period. You are one crazy motherfucker I like your skating and people need to appreciate the fact that you are keeping it real out on the streets….give your shout outs and lets go get some liquid courage.


Winston: I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, my parents for how much they do for me, Geoff Acers for hooking it up in the industry.  My homies for putting me in my place and pushing me further than I could ever imagine.  You all hold a place in my heart.



Iain Mcleod Interview


Alejoh: Yo Iain..did you do the dishes yet?
Iain:  Nope.  Megan did them tonight actually.  Shes a nice girl.

Alejoh: So Iain…What’s new with you…life, blading, love?
Iain:   I love life and blading, my lady megan is my main squeeze right now of course.

Alejoh: In the past  years you came up with some banging sections in videos such as, Teach Them Well, Shot from dark, and the “ONE” video. Any sections on the works right now?
Iain:   Right now im working on a online montage for the RK blog featuring all the RK members and maybe some other people.  A online section by Quinn.  A short online scribe Promo.  After that probabaly a part for Harvesting The Crust 2, I been talking about maybe going out to MN soon.

Alejoh: Who are your current sponsors?
Iain:   I get skates from Remz, Scribe Wheels, I just got some Trust liners their really good, I skate Vicious bearings too.

Iain Mcleod - Backroyal down this aluminum square rail

Iain Mcleod - Backroyal down this aluminum square rail

Alejoh: What’s RK?


Iain:  Rock Killers.  Not to be confused with the old Rock Killaz.  It came about recently one day I was sitting around watching some old school videos with Winston, and Alejandro, I think we were watching some Joe Navran videos,  Amateur, Coup De Tat, and some others.  We started talking about the days of skating hard shit, pushing yourself and the inspiration that came from that hiphop era clothes style whatever.  Winston actually said we should start back up RK bring back the bball shorts, sweatpants game, and make it a crew of friends with a new perspective behind it.  From there the crew is back.  Its not to hate rock or anything I like rock music myself and almost every genre of music I think theres something to gain from listening to everything, but  I really like rap/hiphop. Its basically to represent some different style that we want.  Also not skate pussy shit.  Thats a part of it.  I dont want to hate on other styles of skating.  I have fun messing around on other obstacles other then just at a rail.  But at the end of the day, rollerblading, we can do shit that other sports cant do.  Why limit yourself to being average?  It seems cool now to do weaker and weaker shit for this new era and sit around like hipsters.  It seems like most new rollerblader don’t really know what has gone  down in the past from Bbell, Latimer, Josh Petty, FP, Shima, Fineberg.  Its turned into a lot of hipster bullshit.  RK members want to skate hard , have fun push yourself to learn new things, advance our sport (whatever you want to call it) and make rollerblading look as good as it is. 

Iain - Soul on the curvy rail Transfer Soyal FullCab out

Iain - Soul on the curvy rail Transfer Soyal FullCab out

Alejoh: Do you think rollerblading was better when everyone used to wear baggy clothes listening to hip hop?


Iain:  I like rollerblading no matter what.  I dont think everyone needs to think or do what we do.  I just want to see rollerblading look good and grow and add some diversity.

Alejoh: These days blader’s pants are pretty tight. Do you think it makes bladers look gay or do you think it makes it look sexy for girls when they look at blader’s gluteus? 
Iain:  Haha.  I think people need to think for themselves.

Alejoh:  Do you think rollerblading is dead?
Iain:  Not at all.  Its just not as popular as it should be.   The mainstream is oversatuarated with other shit…skateboarding, bmx, whatever…pretty soon that is going to get played out and theyll want to see something different again, and it will get another chance to be out there.  Its funny because rollerblading is so advanced now, tech skating, creative skating its being pushed to the absolute limits all the time and it was most popular  at its early stages.  Its nowhere near the level its at today.  It will bounce back im sure.

Alejoh: Since the issue in Rollerblading is money. What if a movie producer came up to you and said: I’ll give you 1,000.000 dollars if you say “Rollerblading is gay” for a skateboarding commercial. Will you do it? 
Iain:  To say rollerblading is gay?  Of course.  I would just have a million dollars just for saying something thats doesn’t mean anything.

Alejoh: Tell us a funny story from being a Pro Rollerblader and your travels around the world.
Iain:  Thats a hard one to single out.  One time I was flying somewhere with just me and fineberg.  There was a layover in Minnesota I think and our flight got delayed like 4 hours there.  Then randomly his family was there at the airport for a family reunion or something.  His grandmother was a masseuse.  She then gave Aaron a massage on the floor at our terminal.  Then she went to give me one, reluctantly I got one too, and It was actually really good!   Im not sure why I told this story it just popped in my head.  Also a lot of other tour stories I don’t think I should share hah.

Alejoh: Iain Mcleod has been one of the top five best rollerbladers in the world. Iain has been in the game for so many years and even when he didn’t have a sponsor he was always going big at the skate park with some technical switch up or on the streets doing some crazy spin to grind….Iain has never lost his love or motivation to Rollerblade. Thank you Jesus for giving us Iain Mcleod.  Give your shout outs Iain and lets hit up the Jacuzzi.
Iain: Thanks Remz, Scribe, The SDSF and RK members….edit coming soon!

Iain - True Makio

Iain - True Rocket Makio







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